Shanghai World Expo Tour Exhibition Into The Headquarters Of General Canada – General, Electrical –

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5 3, to celebrate the opening of the Shanghai World Expo 2010, the National Tourism Administration Office in Toronto and the world famous enterprises GM Electric (GE) Canada Secretariat jointly organized the “2010 Shanghai World Expo tour exhibition tour of Canada beg into the headquarters of GE Canada” event opening ceremony. Consul General of China in Toronto, Zhu Tao United Kingdom, GE Canada President and CEO Headquarters Alice Si Allen, the National Tourism Administration Office in Toronto and one new steel GE Canada Headquarters 600 employees attended the event.

The opening ceremony, Zhu Tao British Consul-General pointed out that the 2010 Shanghai World Expo will last for 184 days, is expected to have 70 million worldwide visitors to Shanghai to visit and introduced the 192 countries, 50 international organizations participated in the Shanghai World Expo will be the reception and China friendly with Canada Cooperation , A warm welcome to GE employees in Canada and all Canadians who travel to China to visit the Shanghai World Expo, Holiday Resort.

Alice Si Allen, president, in his speech and media interviews highlighted: Expo has been the economic development and technological innovation on behalf of cultural advancement. GE Canada this year, “Asian Heritage Month” celebration theme is with the China National Tourism Office in Toronto to organize the “2010 Shanghai World Expo tour exhibition activities into the headquarters of GE Canada,” Today, the lobby of the headquarters of GE Canada, the Shanghai World Expo venues in different countries exquisite pictures and display rack decorated. Through the exhibition of the Shanghai World Expo have more understanding, GE’s customers to look at the Shanghai World Expo to experience the Chinese and Western cultures, to seek win-win cooperation. Congratulate the 2010 Shanghai World Expo a complete success!

Single Gang New Director briefed the Shanghai World Expo mascot beg “Hai Bao”, “Better City, Better Life” theme, and “people-oriented, harmonious development” of the Expo concept, and invited a GE employee herself as a “Treasure”, and guests cut the ribbon together, took a photograph, into the activities of bright stars that day.

The exhibition at the GE Canada Headquarters last five days, displaying 20 pieces of 2 meters, 1 meter wide substantially Shanghai World Expo and the China Tourist picture, including the Shanghai World Expo 2010 theme, mascot, overall planning and China, Canada, Britain, France and other countries, the theme pavilion of more than 40 introductions. Image design innovative, rich content, bright colors, attracted more than 600 GE Canada Headquarters staff and the spare time to seeing how the China Shanghai World Expo Travel. In addition, the Office in cooperation with GE Web site face more than 10 branch offices across Canada employs more than 6,000 one-month launch the “Shanghai World Expo quiz” question marks, including the meaning of the Shanghai World Expo is expected to visit the number of World Expo site, the Canadian Museum of topics so lucky will be in Toronto by the Office of National Tourism Administration and the Shanghai World Expo Tickets Canadian designation Proxy Tian Bao Travel beg joint sent giant panda, the Expo tickets and other prizes.

GE Expo tour exhibition hall Event is the National Tourism Board in Toronto, Shanghai World Expo 2010 organized by the Office tourism picture tour of Canada’s first 5 points, before the Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Markham, Mississauga and other cities for public display in Canada Tens of thousands of Canadians visited the exhibition.

General Electric (GE) is the Road? Jones industrial average since its inception in 1896, only companies still make the list were a number of authorities as the world’s great companies top 5. This year, as the Shanghai World Expo, “U.S. Pavilion” of sponsors, GE to provide a technological innovation, energy saving light, energy, water and other facilities. GE, and China has a long-term friendly and cooperative relations to China in 1906, 1929, investment in Shanghai Electric Power Company. Date, GE has all the industrial products group doing business in China, with more than 11,000 employees, the establishment of 40 operational entities, with a total investment 1.5 billion. Click to see more exciting information

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